Amethyst Condominium

Amethyst Condominium Miami Beach unobstructed ocean view passing sailboat blue green ocean tradewinds

The Amethyst Condominium in Miami Beach is a unique location that is priceless.  Many of us call it home.  Our slice of heaven on earth.  Each day the beauty of nature unfolds around us – to the east is the endless horizon, dotted by cruise ships on their way to the Bahamas or beyond.  The ever changing tranquil blue ocean comes alive with passing yachts, Go Fast Boats, sailboats and the neighborhood jet skis.  Our southeast views are unobstructed and it’s entertaining to hear the green parrots chatter to each other as they flock to the swaying palm trees in Beachview Park, a city park directly south.  Western views are also unobstructed which allow us to witness amazing sunsets, watch the changing skyline of the downtown buildings and the fireworks displays during those celebrations!  The Amethyst Condominium location is perfectly situated, at the northern edge of SOBE and the southern edge of Millionaires Row.

Our piece of paradise is priceless.